Rosie’s Pilates classes in the High Wycombe area

So, your body told you it’d like to start Pilates?


Rosie Lewin Pilates classes High Wycombe areaPilates is a gentle but powerful way of getting in touch with your body to regain balance, restore function and reduce pain, regardless of your age, level of fitness or physical ability.

In class, individuals are encouraged to be individuals; you work at your own pace, within your own limitations and with a focus on your own unique body.  By learning to listen to what your body is ‘telling you’, you gain insight into the negative impact of daily routines, habitual patterns of movement and chronic poor posture.  With insight comes an awareness which enables change to happen.  Your body starts to moves more efficiently, effortlessly and with more balance, and not just in a one hour weekly class but also in day to day living.

Rosie has been teaching mat based Pilates in the High Wycombe area  since 2003 and welcomes individuals of all abilities into her classes.  With an emphasis on body awareness, functional movement, balance and pain reduction, weekly classes run throughout the year as short courses, in Great Kingshill, Little Kingshill, Hughenden Valley and Penn Street Village halls.

Private tuition and small group sessions are also available.

Give Rosie a call on 07932 607 116 or get in touch using the enquiry form.